Outtakes from Massimo Bottura’s Food Revolution

Recently, I went to the insane-o press opening of Refettorio Paris, a project of Food for Soul, superstar chef Massimo Bottura’s nonprofit initiatve dedicated to raising awarness about food waste. Then the next day, I was behind the scenes for Eater.com to check out food preparation and service at the refectory, located in the crypt Paris’ Madeleine church, which serves the homeless, refugees and other vulnerable populations. In an interview, Bottura revealed himself to be something of a brand whore, but one with a soul nonetheless.

During the press conference, Bottura quoted Camus’ The Rebel: “Beauty, no doubt, does not make revolutions. But a day will come when revolutions will have need of beauty.” Bottura believes that day is now. He told the story of a 92-year-old woman at the opening of his London refettorio, who told the opening-day crowd that it was the most beautiful place she had ever seen, that it would create a sense of community and that she could die happy now.

“When you receive a message like this from a 92-year-old, you understand that beauty can change the world. Beauty is not just for rich people.”

Check out the article of the nutty evening at the Refettorio here.